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Now offering both tactical and strategic asset allocation services

Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA)

Allocations are based on evolving economic and financial market conditions. Age, proximity to retirement, and risk tolerance are accounted for as part of a separate process.

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Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA)

Allocations are based on age and proximity to retirement. Economic conditions and market behavior are not considered; portfolios are built around modern portfolio theory (MPT).

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Tactical Asset Allocation

An increasingly volatile and fast-paced market environment has shed light on the need for a modernized approach to asset allocation. In contrast to SAA, Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) attempts to analyze evolving economic and financial conditions in order to keep the portfolio in tune with those changing conditions.

Important considerations such as age, risk tolerance and proximity to retirement are accounted for prior to the asset selection process, allowing portfolios to be nimble and react quickly to changes in the economy.

Our team has developed three proprietary, rules-based, tactical investments models that are available exclusively to Sigma Point clients. Learn more below.

Explore our tactical investment models

Introducing a rules-based (behavioral bias-free) approach to investing

Diversified Macro Model

Our premier tactical asset allocation model that dynamically shifts between asset classes as economic conditions change.

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Long-Term Tactical Model

Designed to minimize turnover and maximize long-term capital gains, this model is ideal for taxable accounts.

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Short-Term Tactical Model

Our most aggressive investment model. Designed to deliver higher expected returns in exchange for increased volatility.

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Strategic Asset Allocation

With Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA), allocation decisions are based primarily on age and remain fixed for long periods of time (buy-and-hold).

SAA is popular because of its congruence with two academic theories, Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) and the Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH).

If you prefer the SAA approach, we can help you construct an optimal, low-cost portfolio and keep it updated as you age. You’ll enjoy the confidence of knowing that you’re investing along sound principles backed by Nobel-prize winning theories.

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