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Commercial Real Estate

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Why Commercial Real Estate?

Safe Application of Leverage

Leverage allows you to magnify returns, but it shouldn't be used everywhere. Commercial real-estate is one of the few places leverage can be used safely and consistently.

Dampened Volatility

Commercial real estate derives it's value from the income generated, which means it can be much less volatile than other asset classes. This makes it a great addition to any portfolio.

Special Tax Treatment

Real estate investors have always been a favored group when it comes to the U.S. tax code. A variety of deductions are afforded to real estate investors that cannot be found elsewhere.

Portfolio Diversification

Real estate is a hard (a.k.a. real) asset that is backed by something tangible. It is the third-largest asset class in the U.S. behind stocks and bonds, estimated to be worth $16 trillion.

Recession Hedge

Nothing is completely recession-proof, but certain categories of commercial real estate tend to hold up very well during recessions as a result of stable cash flow generation.

Passive Investment

Unlike purchasing residential property to rent out, investing in commercial real estate involves professional property management, which means you get to sit back and put your feet up.

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